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Storytelling with the Wiigwaas jiimaan


Storytelling with the Wiigwaas Jiimaan and Mini-Canoe making workshop

With Demi Mathias


Demi Mathias, a youth from Temagami First Nation and recent graduate from her Masters at Trent University, will talk about her research and the importance of the Birch Bark Canoe. Anishinabai are jiimaan people. The traditional building of wiigwaas jiimaan is a part of a resurgence project that is restoring and maintaining cultural connection to our homelands, the water, and community members.

During the Canoe Festival, Demi will be presenting on the Birch Bark Canoe, conducting a mini-canoe making workshop and offering canoe rides in a traditional Birch Bark Canoe.


Booth at the Waterfront:

July 20th- all day.


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